Books by Gail E. Farrelly
Creamed at Commencement
A Graduation Mystery

Llumina Press
ISBN: 1595262199

Professor Melanie Andrews, murdered at the Yonkers University graduation, was a brilliant academic. She was also a control freak who thought that everyone else's business was also hers.
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book-duped.gif (33641 bytes) DUPED BY DERIVATIVES
A Manhattan Murder

Chicago Spectrum Press
ISBN 1-886094-97-7

Finance professor Lisa King, on sabbatical at the Reilly Investment Company, is expecting to deal with real-world risks and rates of return. But when the firm's owner is found dead, Lisa teams up with a former cop and his take-no-prisoners receptionist for an adventure with twists, murder and more mysteries!
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bok-beaned.gif (45844 bytes) BEANED IN BOSTON
Murder at a Finance Convention

Chicago Spectrum Press
ISBN 1-886094-11-X, Trade Paperback

At a finance convention in Boston, someone just made a killing - the kind that leaves behind a corpse.  The victim's talents for acquiring money, lovers, and enemies cast a shadow of suspicion that could blot out Beacon Hill!
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book-shapingcorp.gif (44197 bytes) Shaping the Corporate Image
An Analytical Guide for Executive Decision Makers 
By Marion G. Sobol, Gail E. Farrelly, and Jessica S. Taper 
Quorum Books.
ISBN 0-89930-564-4

This book, co-authored by Gail Farrelly, discusses how a corporate reputation is acquired, maintained, and nurtured. A 'Knowledge Is Power' selection for the best books in public relations.
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Farrelly Sisters

Book by Rita K. Farrelly
book-bronksville.gif (37453 bytes) NOT IN BRONXVILLE
A Suburban Mystery Novel

Chicago Spectrum Press
ISBN 1-886094-83-7

Bronxville, a reserved, century-old village in New York's Westchester County, is the scene of a murder! The president of the Lake View Co-operative's Board of Directors has been found dead, and a New York City "Teacher of the Year" is the hitman! Who hired him and what mystery surrounds his demise?
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